lennart de neef


Forward /  is a visual investigation about the human action as a conscious or unconscious reaction to the designed landscape of today. The project started from images of situations which I encounter and collect in my daily life. These images mostly have an unfinished character or are temporary. This creates a visual communication which tells us that these situations are intermediate and have little or no right to exist.


By approaching this intermediate phase as a final product and their creators as my masters, pulling these situations out of their original context into my own studio, I create a valuable right for this phase to exist. Hereby I question my role as a maker, but also investigate subjects like value, (hyper)reality and how a visual language is created.


Within my presentation I created a few different kinds of context, to show how the context helps to create a value for an object. With this I created a visual playground where the public is free to create their own value.

Video shown on site at the presentation: