lennart de neef


L'Operaio was a continuation on deKier within the context of the designfair; 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan. This project was executed as a performance, dressed like construction workers, on the streets from a selfbuild studio in a rented van, consisting the following members; Guido Beeldstroo, Rowena Buur, Niels Egidius and Lennart de Neef.


The concept of L'Operaio is about the quality of the unfinished state of projects. By sharp observations we created a new visual language about this state. Wondering why unfinished projects always stay ‘backstage’, we question this unfinished state within the context of the deisgnfair, a place where only finished products are shown.

Pictures of the execution of the project in Milan:

Short video impression (28 seconds)

Long video impression (45 minutes)

Pictures of the presentation at the exhibition; 'Meaningfull Encounters II', in the Academie Galerie in Utrecht