lennart de neef


On Show marked the end of the twentieth year of HKU’s Academiegalerie. After more than 190 exhibitions and other activities the presentation space itself will be the subject of this exhibition. Four alumni from the HKU presented an own initiative whereby the boundaries of the classical presentation model are beigin explored.


Ricardo van Eyk and Rein Verhoef, alumni Fine Art, and Lennart de Neef and Panajiotis Petropoulos, alumni Product Design, got to know each other while studying at the HKU. Investigating presentation forms en the relation between (art)object, physical and contextual space are all subjects in their own individual works. For ‘On Show’ they combined their forces to show and investigate from different expertises the meaning of the contstructed reality of the presentation space.

With On Show they tried to capture the state of an exhibition just before it is finished and ready to be shown.