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Within my artistic practice, I investigate the visual value of the human action as a conscious or unconscious reaction to the designed landscape of today.


I work from images which I encounter and collect in my daily life. I capture the situations I wonder about, those which have a strong visual quality and which mostly arise by chance out of practical considerations. Most of these situations have an unfinished character and are temporary. This creates a visual communication which tells us that these situations are intermediate and have little to no right to exist.


By approaching this intermediate phase as a final product and their creators as my masters, pulling these situations out of their original context into my studio, I create a valuable right for this phase to exist. I approach the original materials in a playful way and investigate the relation between the creator and the image. Within this process I let myself be guided by deliberate actions and intuitive choices. The visual language created through this process feels unfinished, but at the same time shows conscious decisions, resulting in a tension between functionality and image.


Within the presentation of my work, I try to react to the places where these kinds of situations are created. Hereby I create wonder within the original context of these situations; the places where you can find them ‘out in the wild’. This creates a situation where the creator, the public and the work are all equal.

lennart de neef